Illusions by Marcel Wanders for Graham & Brown

Illusions by Marcel Wanders for Graham & Brown

Dutch designer Marcel Wanders has created a new collection for Graham & Brown inspired by illusion and mystery. 

32-749 Dreams Come True Cameo Shot 1

Marcel Wanders’ ‘Illusion’ collection is made up of nine extravagant yet delicate patterns

"I am proud of the collaboration with Graham & Brown as we share the same passion for statement wallpaper designs,” says Wanders. “The Illusions collection is an expression of invigorating festivity, and the fantasy and sensuality I seek in my work. With this collection I want to trigger people’s imagination and turn surface wallpaper into a more three dimensional experience."

32-749, 32-761 Dreams Come True and World Herigtage Blue

The nine luxurious patterns are grouped into five different categories which create their own sense of ‘illusions’ through various surface treatments and visual manipulations.

32-753 Wall Flower Limestone

The Illusions collection from Marcel Wanders is available from the Graham & Brown website, launching September 2014.

32-756 Heart & Tulip Mahogany 1

32-762 World Heritage Gold

Braille Chester Noir

G&B Marcel roll 4



Heart and tulip 02

Graham and Brown can be contacted by calling 1-800-554-0887 or by emailing or for more information visit the website

About the manufacturer: Started by two British friends, Harold Graham and Henry Brown in 1946, the Graham & Brown wallpaper company was launched after World War II when there was a severe shortage of paper following the War. Henry and Harold cleverly procured a large supply of surplus metallic paper, an eight-colour surface printer and a new embossing machine, with which the two men began a wallpaper revolution. Today the company has expanded into the United States, France, Holland, Russia, Canada, and China and has an international reputation as a leading design house and manufacturer of high quality wallpaper.

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