Melt With You

Melt With You

What is required to create Tom Dixon’s marvelous and mesmerizing Melt?

Tom Dixon Melt pendant 5 copper lamps three suspension and two floor with chair in shaggy black upholstery

A precision recounting would require treatises and theorems, recapitulations and actuations, a careful explanation of the thermoplastic properties of polymers and vaporized copper foil.

Tom Dixon Melt wall lamp in silver

So rather than going down that rabbit hole, let’s just say that Dixon and design firm Front achieved this asynchronous, dynamic, doubly distorted spherical revelation of a light through trial, error, God-given talent, and an endless refinement of technique.

Tom Dixon Melt pendants 3 lights gold, silver, copper above wood table with background of ethereal partition screen

“Over several years we have worked with some forerunners of German engineering and manufacturing to develop these techniques and produce lamps that create the latest in reflectivity and transparency.”

Tom Dixon Melt silver three wall lamps and three suspension lamps above cafe table

Melt is made of a polycarbonate shell injected with vaporized metal; thus, the piece’s signature mirrored aesthetic: a luminous lamp that appears to be the host of some extraterrestrial embryo; an air-borne specter that looks exceedingly fragile, as if a gust could take it away, or the merest pressure from a child’s finger pop it into vapor.

Tom Dixon Melt LED mini wall lamp gold side view

But not to worry, Melt is engineered to float up and out of reach.

Tom Dixon Melt Pendant blue cluster of suspension lamps in industrial setting with exposed brick walls

Get yours at Tom Dixon.

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