Frankly Fabulous Facett Washbasin

Frankly Fabulous Facett Washbasin

The brainchild of Soda Designers (Nada Nasrallah & Christian Horner), Facett is a washbasin for large minds and small rooms. But Facett is also eminently adaptable. Its diminutive dimensions make it the right fit for small spaces, sure, but it can also work in guest baths or larger rooms.

Inbani Facett Washbasin view from above

In fact, Facett’s proposition is that uses of sinks have become unnecessarily restrictive, that “a good wash-up” might be had anywhere, not just in kitchens and bathrooms.

Inbani Facett washbasin view from above with vanity partially visible

This is a markedly geometrical piece, as the name would suggest, with a rectangular profile and offset spout. The washbasin’s interior offers tantalizing angles, suggesting the facets of diamonds or perhaps the wall to ceiling junction of auspicious modern architecture.

Facett Washbasin wide view of entire basin next to oval-shpaed mirror in bedroom

Find out more at Inbani.

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