Classic Lighting from Italy

Classic Lighting from Italy

One marker of historical value is to persist in memory despite having no name.

R & Company Italy, 1950s Lamp with black and red shades

Such is the case with this alluring Floor lamp from R & Company. Marketed simply as “Italy, 1950s,” this is a distinctive, high-quality piece made of marble, brass, and painted aluminum.

R & Company Italy, 1950s lamp black shade close-up

The lamp definitely has something of a “Dolce Vita” aesthetic. Defined by its twin shafts of differing heights, it has an aura of whimsy, as the tall and small aspects give it a dueling, albeit, congenial, personality, putting me in mind of the character dynamic one finds in Dr. Seuss.

R & Company Italy, 1950s lamp close up of red shade

But Italy, 1950’s transcends its child-like nature via its exacting period details: perforated aluminum shades, brass shafts, and marble base.

R & Company Italy, 1950s floor lamp with red and black shades illuminated

The dual aspect of the two shafts also makes this piece unusually versatile, as it provides for both targeted and ambient lighting. To find out more, see R & Company.

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