Elegant Essens Stool by HBF

Elegant Essens Stool by HBF

From designer Thomas Lykke and OEO Studio for HBF, the Essens Stool is the essence of modern elegance.

HBF Essens Stool four stools around work table

Featuring a tasteful synthesis of timeless materials, Essens is handsome and durable: wood craftsmanship and metal fabrication meet at the junction of seat and base, creating a “perfect harmony of detail, material and proportion.”

HBF Essens Stool two stools white and gray one with backrest one without

Essens offers a fixed or self-return base with a 180-degree swivel. Backrest is optional and two heights are available.

HBF Essens Stool six stools around tall table two with backrest four without

The Stool is also LEVEL-certified, SCS Indoor Advantage-certified, and HHI V2 compliant.

HBF Essens Stool two stools one with backrest both in bluish-gray color palette

See HBF for additional information.

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