The Nonó Chair/Stool by Stefano Soave for Alma Design

Almost like a side-stepping spider, the Nonó Chair/Stool stands lightly on its three nimble legs. Designed by Stefano Soave for Alma Design in Italy, this chair/stool seat can be stacked, used in group settings, or picked out in a bold shade and used alone for a stellar interior design addition.

Nonó Chair/Stool. Designed by Stefano Soave.

Lanky, Thin and Tough as Nails: The Nonó Chair by Stefano Soave for Alma Design is the Runway Model of Seating

Nonó gets its funny little name from kids. Soave says there are so many unconventional places and “new ways that kids choose to sit” when they’re tired. Since more often than not children land in a seated position once tired, a quick fix stool/chair seems to give them a place for perching that makes complete sense. Made from a polypropylene filled with fiberglass and printed in air moulding technology, this UV-resistant material makes Nonó extremely durable.

Nonó Chair/Stool. Designed by Stefano Soave.

Taking it a step further, the name is formed by two negatives: NO chair and NO stool. It’s neither. Or both. Nonó is the kind of design where leaning and partially shifting body weight on and against its form helps to “partially discharge the body weight in situations of temporary wait(ing)” says Soave. Since it’s quickly moved from one location to another due to its lightweight proportions and the special hole between the seat and backrest, Soave’s design is a type of seat unto itself.

Nonó Chair/Stool. Designed by Stefano Soave.

A stackable, portable, colorful, and racy design that challenges the norm, the Nonó is also accomplished, winning the Salone del Mobile “Young & Design Award” in 2010. It seems the only words we can’t decide on when describing Nonó by Stefano Soave is whether it’s a chair, a stool, neither, or both. Regardless of classification, the Nonó as a delightful perch does the trick.

About the Manufacturer: Devoted to the purest forms of design, Alma Design products are young and yet super resilient, stronger in part because they care about protecting the environment. Since they minimize their waste to a very high degree, the furnishings are proud and strong in appearance and composition. They work with a handful of talented designers like Stefano Soave who bring their brand to life with seating, tables, office furniture, and structures.


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