Celliant is a Textile that Gives Back

Celliant is a Textile that Gives Back

In this age of “sitting is the new smoking,” much effort has been focused on getting us up and out of chairs. Witness standing desks, treadmill desks, new ways of working on the floor, etc… A company called Celliant has taken a different tack.

sample Celliant fabrics from CF Stinson five fabrics in different colors and patterns
Celliant Textiles from CF Stinson

Why not, they reasoned, endeavor to make upholstery healthier too? Given the ubiquity of sedentarism, this is a bright idea—and its execution is pretty cool. Celliant is “an innovative matrix of 13 thermo-reactive minerals, including titanium dioxide, silicone dioxide, and aluminum oxide.” The minerals are ground into an ultra-fine powder and incorporated into textiles, which can then be utilized in clothing, bedding, and, yes, upholstery.

Celliant textiles DesignTex collection single textile with trapezoidal pattern and different colors with demonstration of the different minerals used.

Essentially, The Celliant technology absorbs infra-red waves given off by bodies. This inherent energy is then passed back to users, resulting in increased vaso-dilation and greater oxygenation, which translates to more energy, faster repair and regeneration, and more efficient regulation of internal body temp.

Celliant textile shown in DesignTex upholstery on green sofa with woman working
Celliant Fabric by Designtex

Companies including CF Stinson and Designtex have incorporated Celliant into several products, including healthcare furniture, office furniture, and public seating.

CF Stinson Celliant Textile patterned green upholstery on auditorium chair
CF Stinson Celliant Upholstery

In fact, the latter company has created an upholstery backing with Celliant, thus opening up the range of aesthetic applications: “we can pair Celliant’s benefits with many different aesthetics, including novelty yarns, textures and even coated, faux leather materials, that are applicable for healthcare and many other markets.”

work chair with DesignTex Celliant upholstery backing. White shell with dark pink upholstery and woman sitting in chair
Steelcase Work Chair in Designtex Celliant upholstery

The science on this is sound. Celliant has been deemed a medical device by the FDA, based on spikes in oxygenation levels observed in controlled testing.

CF stinson Celliant upholstery blue with dark circles
CF Stinson upholstery with Celliant

To find out more, see Celliant. And read about Celliant upholstery at Designtex and CF Stinson.

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