Beautiful Above View Artisan Ceiling Tiles

Beautiful Above View Artisan Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling Solutions are in reach (and overhead) with Above View Artisan Ceiling Tile. These are 2’ x 2’ artisan plaster tiles (many designed for acoustical performance) that can be painted or customized to suit existing design.

Above View Contemporary Coffer  ceiling tile with purple light in Minnesota Vikings sports facility

The company offers 80 unique designs: from ultra-modern to traditional. The Classic Panel Tile, for instance, offers a timeless look of refined sophistication, just the vibe at the Meridian Hills Country Club as seen below.

Above View Ceiling Tile classic panel style in dark gray on ceiling of bar

Art Deco makes an appearance too. These acoustic tiles are pleasing to the eye and the mind, as their geometric pattern is energizing and dynamic.

Above View Art Deco acoustic ceiling tile view from below in oyster pearl finish

The Pyramid Series offers a contemporary look. The faceted tiles bend light, creating an interplay of light and shadow to give any room a distinctive ambiance.

Above View Ceiling Tiles Pyramid Series white at Harrah's Casino

Grooved Quarter Pyramid dazzles as well. The installation shown below (at the Palms Casino) combines the 2’ x 2’ tiles into 4’ x 4’ units with a pyramidal profile. The custom woodgrain faux finish highlights the open grooves, creating a memorable hypnotic effect.

Above View Ceiling Tiles grooved quarter pyramid in dark oak at casino

Above View Artisan Ceiling Tiles install easily into any standard 15/16” T-Bar grid system. Tiles for 9/16” grids are available upon request. The tiles are UL Class A fire rated. Contact Above View to find out more.

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