At Bklyn Designs: McCullah Designs

The Brooklyn Design Week is the perfect platform for design aficionados to usher in spring and showcase their eclectic and avant-garde creations. This year the 3 day long show will feature around 68 exhibitors who will exhibit a wide gamut of products ranging from indoor furniture to decorative accessories.

Empire Table. Designed by McCullah Designs.

A widespread trend among manufacturers these days is to show affinity to deconstructive trajectories and patronize modern deigns. And while the products by McCullah Designs also showcase designer Rich McCullah’s fondness for the simple Art Deco style, he still manages to imbue an old world charm in his creations. The designer celebrates the flawlessness of nature and the simplicity of Modern styles in all his pieces, as seen in the Empire and the Realm Table.

The Empire Table elevates the usually prosaic dining table to a new standard with its grandeur and rich-craftsmanship. McCullah may have worked with traditional forms but he still manages to convey a new idea and parlance with this stunning piece. The use of Massacre Ebony and the stainless steel accents bring an almost textural dimension to the table. Measuring 84″ in diameter and 30″ in height, the “Empire” is an Art Deco Revival table, which lives up to its reputation of being the "pride of the collection."

At Bklyn Designs: McCullah Designs

Realm Table. Designed by McCullah Designs.

If the Empire Table is the heart of the McCullah Collection then the Realm Table is the soul. Seeking inspiration from photo of a table in the style of the French Art Deco icon Emile Ruhlmann, the Realm Table plays with forms and textures. Construed from book matched Maple and Bolivian Rosewood, the Table reverberates simplicity and exudes the sheer aura of minimalism.

All creations by designer Rich McCullah reflect an evolved design sense that is rooted in art history but in step with the contemporary deign scene.

"I would describe my work as having a delicate strength, matched with fluidity and purpose. My inspirations come from the perfection of nature and the simplicity of Modern and ArtDeco styles."

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