The Hamptons go Carbon Neutral

The Hamptons go Carbon Neutral

The net-zero revolution has come to the Hamptons, if you can believe it, courtesy of Modern NetZero, a design-build firm with a mission of utilizing green construction and renewable energy to take a home’s carbon footprint down to nil.

Modern Net Zero Hamptons' home with shingle siding in wooded envrionment

Principal Mark Cléjan hit on the idea during an epiphanic moment while running his solar power company: renewables are great, but if the structure is wasteful the savings achieved are minimal at best. Why not, he reasoned, start from ground zero (so to speak) and build homes with the most efficient systems and greenest materials possible?

Modern Net Zero Hamptons' home interior image with open staircase and fireplace pillar with view of outdoors and swimming pool.

Modern NetZero is the result. These are large-scale homes—fitting for the demographic—with airy and streamlined contemporary designs that incorporate green construction and renewable power generation.

Modern Net Zero Hamptons' home exterior image with horizontal wood siding and pool in foreground

Modern NetZero homes feature passive solar designs, solar and geothermal energy, ultra-tight ICF insulation, and LED lighting. The homes also incorporate automated systems technology for energy savings via remote thermostats and lighting.

Modern Net Zero Hamptons' home interior image of kitchen with large center island, dining table, and view of back patio

Cléjan also sources eco-friendly construction materials and minimizes project waste. The company currently offers six home styles (custom add-ons and finishes are available as well). Limiting the number of styles enables Modern NetZero to constantly streamline the building process, reducing the waste stream at every turn.

Modern Net Zero Hamptons' home interior image of bathroom with solid surface white vanity, glass shower, and partial view of bedroom beyond

Annual savings for a Modern NetZero home are estimated at $15,000 to $30,000—not bad, especially for homes with outdoor pools. Additionally, the homes’ systems require less maintenance than with traditional construction.

Modern Net Zero Hamptons' home interior view of living room with gas fireplace and wall to wall window with view of outdoor pool

In sum, Modern NetZero marks a propitious moment in the reach for net zero—luxury homes that sacrifice nothing in style, design, or amenities yet meet that very high standard for energy savings: “ultracool, ultramodern, no-compromise homes, that create as much energy as they consume.”

Modern Net Zero Hamptons' home with horizontal wood siding, many windows, and glass sliding doors, exterior view with outdoor pool in foreground

See Modern NetZero to find out more.

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