Portus Seating from Lammhults and ICF

Portus Seating from Lammhults and ICF

ICF and Lammhults present Portus, an architecturally inspired seating collection that satisfies the occasionally competing demands of the open office.

Portus Seating four pieces in open plan

With high backs, comforting surfaces, and streamlined silhouettes, each item in the Portus family can facilitate collaboration or enhance privacy—“a stopping point, a meeting point, a relaxing space or a sharing space.”

Portus Seating High Back Easy Chair in gray/rust

The collection is comprised of many pieces: two- and three-seater sofas, easy chairs, high-back chairs, benches, ottomans, and soft-top tables. But at their essence, these pieces are all of a piece: ergonomic, comfy, space-saving furniture that plays nice together.

Portus Seating four pieces in royal blue, red, and gray

Of course there are multiple iterations: steel, powder-coated, or chromium plated legs; multiple fabric and color iterations of upholstery; a variety of heights for benches and chairs.

Portus Seating three pieces in royal blue

As with all Lammhults products, Portus is manufactured with minimal pollution and a reduceed environmental and climate footprint.

Portus Seating two-seater high-back chair in rust

See Lammhults and ICF to find out more.

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