Remarkable Renovation with Metsä wood

Remarkable Renovation with Metsä wood

The historic Cranleigh School in Surrey, UK recently received a cool makeover with the integral participation of Metsä wood and the company’s eminently versatile Kerto LVL engineered lumber.


The renovation involved the redevelopment and expansion of two disused squash buildings. Kerto LVL was an ideal fit for the project since the elements facilitate wide spans without supporting walls or pillars, thus enabling both the beautiful exposed timber members, as well as the feeling of spaciousness and natural light.

Metsä wood Kerto LVL interior post-construction

Another advantage of utilizing pre-fabricated components was rapid delivery and install: “Pre-fabrication allowed work to be done simultaneously onsite and offsite. Careful logistics planning ensured just-on-time deliveries, minimising the need to store material onsite while enabling uninterrupted installation.”

Metsä wood Kerto LVL installing panels

Kerto LVL is produced using 100% bioenergy. The sawdust and wood chips generated during manufacture are captured for use in pulp production and for bioenergy to run the mill.

Metsä wood Kerto LVL auditorium interior

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*Images courtesy of © Guildford Photographer.

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