Pool Sink by Guixé Captures Catalonian Spirit

If you’ve ever had the chance to see The Sardana, dance of the Catalan region of Spain, then you may begin to understand the spirit of difference that Catalonians share. People gather to dance in circles that grow progressively bigger–until the largest break off into two or three separate circles and so on and so forth. Entire squares become filled with these festive rings of dancers–it’s quite a sight (and the ladies’ cross-laced dancing slippers are lovely in and of themselves).

Pool Sink. Designed by Martí Guix©.

What you need to know about Catalonians is that they are Catalonians first–and Spaniards second. The people hold on to their uniqueness quite firmly, and Catalonian designer Martí Guix© is no different (note the accents typical of the Catalan language, as well as the x, which the region favors greatly).

Pool Sink by Guixé Captures Catalonian Spirit

You can see Guix©’s iconoclasm in all of his designs, from his Cao Sospensione to his Pool Sink. Designed for Italian fixture company Azzurra (and who doesn’t love a name with two zees?), Pool “interprets the Basin as a new typology.” Discarding the standard shape and placement of what we consider a sink, Guix©’s creation is a metallic square that gets attached to the wall–a cube floating in space.

Forget the round basin, the u-shaped curve of the pipe, Pool goes against our expectations and eschews that “which is pre-visualized in the standard baths.” If you want rigid geometry, Pool is the sink for you. Its white color and nontraditional form make it a wonderful option for modern hotels and restaurants–and for clean, crisp contemporary homes. From Miami to Los Angeles, Pool Sink is particularly fitting for seaside locales, although it is at home perhaps most fittingly in its Catalonian city of Barcelona, where it forms a wonderful juxtaposition with the Saradana’s circle. Made of stainless steel coated with white or light gray epoxy, designer Martí Guix© has created a new “basin-type” for Azzurra that can be used in offices, studios, bars, public or private spaces. Built-in teak shelves and an oversized clothespin towel holder make it forever functional.

Via Designline Bad.

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