Nightingale’s MXO gets GOOD DESIGN Award

Word has it that Nightingale’s MXO was born of the idea that a chair should automatically return to its original height—“to maintain a clean, organized boardroom look.” No wonder the chair has the slim, sleek appearance of a fine-tuned sports car.

Side view of the Nightingale MXO work chair with blue/gray upholstery

With the same speedy aptitude as the Porsche 918 Spyder (0 to 60 in 2.2 seconds), MXO returns to its default position with the merest pressure upon its cool gas lift mechanism.

Many Nightingale MXO chairs with orange/red upholstery in boardroom environment

This is a nifty feature that keeps MXO’s environs looking well ordered and clean, but it’s hardly the chair’s only calling card.

Front view of Nightingale MXO chair with blue/gray upholstery

Recent winner of the Green GOOD DESIGN Award for “sustainability and environmentally conscious composition,” MXO sports great green credentials, including 92% recyclable and 83% recycled content. The chair is also manufactured in a waste-free, wind- and solar-powered facility.

Many Nightingale MXO Chairs with gray upholstery around large conference table

Lest we forget it’s a superb performer: MXO offers ergonomic features like swivel tilt, waterfall seat design, ENERSORB foam, and dual-layer Mystic fabric. A range of caster and upholstery options are available, as is a polished aluminum base.

Angled front view of Nightingale MXO Chair with orange upholstery

Nightingale also received GOOD DESIGN accolades for their LXO and WXO chairs.

Side view of Nightingale LXO chair with green upholstery in office environment.

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