Beautiful Blown-Glass Pendants from CP Lighting

Beautiful Blown-Glass Pendants from CP Lighting

ICFF is just two months away, and CP Lighting has already planned to debut a pair of lovely re-purposed lamps.

Incalmo group 1

LiquorLamp 3

Helmed by Internationally acclaimed designer Christopher Poehlmann, CP has developed a reputation for aesthetic innovation and wise materials use. The new Incalmo and Liquor Lamps continue the precedent.

CP Portrait 2

Incalmo-a term defined by the Corning Museum of Glass as "the technique of constructing an object, usually a vessel, by fusing two or more blown glass elements"-is a beautiful mouth-blown piece from re-purposed wine bottles.

incalmo group brick background 1

Incalmo is certainly singular in its identity, yet its form and color evoke echoes of its material's past.


Incalmo Sconce 4

For the Liquor Lamp, Poehlmann utilized local liquor bottles: "originally mold blown with a variety of seams that predispose the re-blown bottles to form in somewhat random yet also predictable globes."
The Liquor Lamp's silvered interior deeds it an intriguing dual identity-an impenetrable reflectivity transforms into a trance-like translucence, all at the flick of a switch.

LiquorLamp off and on

The incomparable Incalmo is available in green, clear, brown, or blue as a pendant or sconce. Liquor is a pendant lamp with silvered interior. Glass color depends on its antecedent liquor bottle-no two are alike. See CP Lighting for further info.

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