Stay Afloat with the Toto Zero Dimension

Stay Afloat with the Toto Zero Dimension

Leave it to Toto to utilize space-age technology in the bath. Toto Zero Dimension—a beautifully crafted and sculptural tub—uses ergonomics and water pressure to simulate zero gravity, resulting in a sensation of weightlessness that confers supreme relaxation.

Toto's Zero Dimension woman in tub outdoors on patio

The key is in the tub’s form. Toto put 10 years of research into the precise ergonomics that create a feeling of weightlessness: “with the reclining body stabilized and the hips, knees, and ankles flexed, the joint’s mechanical and energy/load is reduced to nearly zero… replicating the body’s posture at zero gravity.”

Toto's Zero Dimension tub outside on patio with woman from legs down

It’s enough to know that astronauts sleep in exactly the same posture. But just for good measure, Toto has enhanced Zero Dimension’s functionality with Hydrohands massaging water jets, an adjustable headrest with a water cascade, LED lighting, and an intuitive toe-touch drain.

Toto's Zero Dimension tub view from above with water/shoulder cascade

Toto Zero Dimension is made of the proprietary solid surface Galalato material, offering superior heat retention, stain resistance, and durability.

Toto Zero Dimension view from above with flotation jets

See Toto to find out more.

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