Keep it Cool with Tidelli Outdoor Furniture

Keep it Cool with Tidelli Outdoor Furniture

Here’s an open invitation for you to “surrender to the warmest time of the year” and kick back for some serious lounging courtesy of Tidelli Outdoor Furniture.

Tidelli Outdoor Club Chaise and Marina Table red

The Club Chaise features a metal and wood frame and a super thin fabric surface—marvelous and modern.

Tidelli Outdoor Furniture Club Chaise light blue

As a preferred supplier of many-a-poolside at multiple boutique hotels, Tidelli’s repertoire goes beyond the chaise. Check out the cool and composed Quintal Chair.

Tidelli Outdoor Furniture Quintal Chair Green

The Marina Table is a certain necessity as well. This woven fiber piece offers a recessed space to chill tasty beverages.

Tidelli Outdoor Furniture Marina Table red

All Tidelli products are hand-made in Brazil. Check out their extensive outdoor line in the Tidelli Catalog. And see Designer Pages Media for more from Tidelli.

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