VELA by Vondom

VELA by Vondom

Part of Vondom's new collection for 2017, VELA by Ramón Esteve is an extensive collection of outdoor furniture and planters designed with "an elementary prismatic geometry." And they all light up.

design-outdoor-furniture-vela-sofa-clubchair-coffeetable-pots-ramonestve-vondom (9)

VELA, which means candle in Spanish, reflects the luminous nature of the outdoor pieces. And while this effect is stunningly dramatic at night, VELA pieces work beautifully during the day as well, thanks to the collection's focus on form.

design-outdoor- light-up-furniture-sofa-clubchair-coffeetable-vela-ramonestve-vondom (1)

Spanish designer Ramón Esteve combined round and straight lines in chunky modular units that taper at the base. Vondom explains, "Their precise volumes create the illusion of hovering some centimeters off the floor, and when they are illuminated they are transformed into floating architectures."

design-outdoor-furniture-daybed-canopy-vela-ramonestve-vondom (5)

For hospitality venues, VELA will certainly capture attention. The round Reclining Daybed, rectangular Canopy, and large Pavillion are all memorably dramatic, especially poolside.

design-outdoor-furniture-sunchaise-sofa-vela-ramonestve-vondom (11)

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