New Glass Pendants from Yellow Goat

New Glass Pendants from Yellow Goat

Yellow Goat creates spaces and lighting, among other things. The studio’s new glass pendants—all of which can be customized—include three standouts with planetary designs: E=, Apples, and Bon Bon Crystal.

close-up view of handblown glass spherical pendant

E= resembles an atomic model with its handblown glass and crystal balls arranged in a spherical cluster. Available in brass, gold, and silver, E= “scatters the light in elegant magnetic fields around a room.”

glass and tube spherical pendant lamp

Apples “emulates the death of a star upon the precipice of combustion,” explains Yellow Goat. At the moment of destruction, a new, brighter star emerges. The pendant features hollow aluminum tubes with glass balls at the ends, creating a brilliant sphere with a dramatic exploding effect.

lobby with cluster of five orb-like glass pendants hanging above

Bon Bon Crystal is a pendant meant to pay tribute to a hot air balloon “drifting up to glitter in the early morning sky.” A clear acrylic frame hooks the machine-cut crystals in place and an LED light source illuminates the piece in a cool glow. Hang Bon Bon Crystal in clusters for a startling effect—in a group, the pendants look like bubbles rising. Get more information at Yellow Goat.

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