LeanTo by OFS

LeanTo by OFS

For those people who want a little private place in which to ensconce themselves, LeanTo by OFS “presents an escape.”

double seat freestanding public upholstered seating unit in beige with wood frame

Available in single and double seat units, LeanTo is “outfitted to feel like it was built into your space.” Optional work tablets, upholstered pillows, and built-in power maximize what people can do while they’re occupying LeanTo.

woman sitting in single-seat freestanding upholstered pod with tablet arm

Ganging and stand-alone tables complete the possibilities of LeanTo. Arrange a few or many in a lounge or waiting area to optimize private and public spaces. Perfect for transportation hubs, hospitality venues, educational buildings, libraries, and company offices, LeanTo gives everyone some much-needed breathing room.

freestanding private upholstered seating units ganged together in a group of three

OFS puts it this way: “Seek shelter from the norm.” LeanTo offers a cozy spot to chat, connect, or disconnect.

lounge area with private pod seating and lounge chairs

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