Ultrafabrics’ Vivid Punch and the Awakening Line Complement Pantone’s Color of the Year

Ultrafabrics’ Vivid Punch and the Awakening Line Complement Pantone’s Color of the Year

Pantone and Ultrafabrics—global leaders in color development and application—have collaborated to celebrate the former's color of the year, and to promote interesting and innovative ways to use it.

Rendering of a room featuring Vivid Punch and Viva Magenta with complementary natural shades

Room rendering featuring Vivid Punch.

The collaboration centers around Ultrafabric's new color Vivid Punch, which shares Viva Magenta's extraordinary vibrancy. Although the new color may not initially provoke biophilic aspirations, as shown through Ultrafabrics "Awakening" campaign, it is, in fact, at the center of the natural world.

Awakening fabric swatches

Palette of Ultrafabrics' Awakening Line.

Comprised of seven earthy shades (White Marble, Wigwam, Bark, Horsehair, Matcha, Sonora, and Skyway), as well as Vivid Punch, Awakening shows how the color of the year can be grounded with natural shades.

Viva Magenta as reflected in maple leaves in snowy field

Cactus blooms that look like Viva Magenta

Curated seasonal images demonstrate the colors' complementarity, from the perfect white backdrop of a field of fresh snow, to pops of spring color harmonizing with green, to the jaw-dropping perfection of a summer sunrise.

Summer sunrise with man in silhouette

The Awakening collection offers "hues that can be easily applied to any market or setting, especially in combination with Vivid Punch, our new color-of-the-year-inspired shade."

Vivid Punch fabric with other swatches shades of green

Nor does the collaboration end there. Throughout 2023, Ultrafabrics will be releasing new palettes and limited edition shades, in addition to hosting interactive events that "demonstrate how you can connect
timeliness with timeless design."

Vivid Punch and Viva Magenta swatches with one white swatch

Visit Pantone and Ultrafabrics to find out more, and to stay apprised of ongoing developments in the year of Viva Magenta.

Posted February 10, 2023 by Joseph Starr

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