ICFF 2019: Stille by Standard Issue

ICFF 2019: Stille by Standard Issue

Stille is one of the products that caught everyone’s eye at ICFF 2019. Inspired by the Abstracta System designed in the 1960s by Danish architect Poul Cadovius, Stille remains true to the original spirit of Abstracta while adding new features.

Developed by Brooklyn-based design agency Standard Issue, Stille is an easy-to-assemble shelving system with clean lines and open space. Stille offers updated configurations, shelf elements, and foot levels, making it a new and improved version of Abstracta.

orange, blue, black, green, and white metal frame shelving on plywood floor in exhibit room

In colorful matte finishes, Stille is the perfect spot to place everyday stuff or display beloved objects. The lightness and negative space of the shelving make it perfect for small spaces in residential and contract venues.

close-up view of metal shelving in different colors

The owner of Abstracta, Consort Display Group, manufactures Stille in Kalamazoo, Michigan “using the system’s signature steel tubes and cast zinc connectors.” For more information, contact Standard Issue.

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