Miart 2019: Sideboard by Johannes Hock at Frank Landau

Miart 2019: Sideboard by Johannes Hock at Frank Landau

Frank Landau exhibited a collection of design objects and limited-edition furniture at miart 2019, including a Sideboard by German carpenter, architect, and designer Johannes Hock.

wood sideboard with veneer top and sides featuring complex diamond pattern in multiple woods

The veneered surface on the top and sides incorporates 30 types of wood. Featuring a complex diamond pattern, Sideboard by Johannes Hock highlights Hock’s carpentry skills and design sensibility.

detail view of diamond pattern on wood veneer sideboard

Six drawers with bronze fronts complete the Sideboard, offering a simple and streamlined juxtaposition to the complex geometry of the other surfaces.

sideboard in wood with bronze drawer fronts and diamond pattern on top

Hock does not separate design from creation. “No designer will ever fully understand his creation unless he gets physically involved,” explains Hock. As a master carpenter, Hock can make whatever he can envision, which is perhaps why his furniture pieces showcase craftsmanship to such a high degree.

exhibit space with wood sideboard, chandelier, and mirrors

Get more information on Sideboard or other pieces at Frank Landau.

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