Hightower’s Beautiful Bello Table is Indoor Advantage Gold Certified

Hightower’s Beautiful Bello Table is Indoor Advantage Gold Certified

Manufacturer Hightower is redoubling their efforts to make their products safe and sustainable—paying particular attention to achieving Indoor Advantage Gold certification.

Hightower Bello Coffee Table side table with sofa and laptop table

This is among the industry’s highest certifications to limit dangerous emissions—products conforming to this standard help to maintain good indoor air quality by meeting strict emission limits for volatile organic compounds.

Hightower Bello Coffee Table Ash with loveseat and two chair

Hightower now offers 48 such products, including the lovely Bello Table from design firm Most Modest.

Bello Hightower Coffee Table walnut with white metal brackets

Bello is a handcrafted piece with a timeless modern aesthetic and exquisite details. With a contrasting colorful metal support, the junction between legs and tabletop is particularly eye-catching.

Hightower offers Bello in coffee- and side-table models. Many finishes are available, including three laminate options for the top, four for the legs, and 10 powder-coat finishes for the connecting bracket.

The metal detail is recycled steel with a zero-VOC powder coat finish. See Hightower for additional information.

Posted April 24, 2019 by Joseph Starr

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