Vervano Sustainable Furnishings by Laura Britt

A lot of great ideas are born of necessity. A problem presents itself and upon searching you realize the solution you were looking for doesn’t exist. I remember shopping for a couch for my apartment and searching endlessly for something I wanted. The final purchase is the “best of the worst,” as far as I’m concerned, not anywhere close to the vision of a couch I had in mind.

Wells. Designed by Laura Britt.


, a sustainable furniture collection by Laura Britt, was born of the same circumstances. Laura Britt is a Texas based interior design firm that focuses on sustainable design practices as well as high class style. To accompany her sustainable designs, she was searching for eco-minded furniture with a complimentary aesthetic. It turns out there’s a gap in the green market, where “green” furniture tends to have a more hippie look than many high end designers are looking for.

Cole Side Chair

Cole. Designed by Laura Britt.

Oliver Ottoman

Oliver. Designed by Laura Britt.

Vervano Sustainable Furnishings by Laura Britt

Lydia. Designed by Laura Britt.

A classic set of visually pleasing basics, Vervano offers dining chairs, lounge pieces and an elegant table called the Wells table. The Wells takes the inverse approach to the dining table, with a metal slab top and simple wood legs. I also love the Cole side chair, which is so graceful it looks like it could dance away. The frame is made from walnut which has been carved in subtle but sexy angles, adding just the right amount of flair to the timeless piece. All the Vervano furnishing use sustainably sourced FSC certified wood, low VOC finishes and plant-based foams. The furniture is all locally fabricated in Texas with traditional mortise and tenon joinery to limit glues and mechanical fasteners.

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