Get Back to Comfort

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba have teamed up with Poltrona Frau once again for the Get Back Sofa. This beautiful Beatles-inspired piece is stylish yet sedate.

Poltrona Frau Get Back Sofa front

Sporting classical lines, expert tailoring, and the highest quality of materials, Get Back relishes in encouraging you to “Get Back to Where You Once Belonged,” which I assume is the cozy confines of a restful living room.

Poltrona Frau Get Back Sofa with modular loveseat addition

A suspended frame and cast aluminum feet convey lightness, while up top the impression is all comfort—generous polyurethane foam and down padding in separate compartments enhance ergonomics and give a contained yet capacious feel.

Get Back Sofa with modular addition and fabric on cushions

Other elements include an interwoven elastic belt spring system in the seat and a solid beech and poplar backrest.

Poltrona Frau Get Back Sofa detail of fabric seat and leather armrest

Get Back may be upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather or a combination of leather with fabric seat and cushions.

Poltrona Frau Get Back Sofa with large square-shaped modular addition

See Poltrona Frau to find out more.

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