The Sofa with a Story: Paragraphe 4 by Roche Bobois

For anyone with gypsy blood, the allure of fabric, fabric, and more fabric may be overwhelming. Rugs, draperies, and tapestries; earth tones, gemstone hues, and cool colors; geometric patterns, bold stripes, and subdued paisleys—the panoply of textiles recalls nomadic living at its best. These romantic visions of tents underlie Paragraphe 4, a new sofa from Roche Bobois. Part of their Les Provinciales Collection, this casual couch weaves together leather and fabric—and the fabrics, oh, are perennial favorites: velvet and chenille.

Paragraphe 4. Designed by Roche Bobois.

Earthy and Gypsy-Inspired Design

What’s beneath the materials is just as enticing. Paragraphe 4 offers a choice of seat cushions. For those who enjoy the feel of sinking into a sofa, the cushions come in 100% feather duvet. People who like a firmer seat can opt for HR foam core. Inside Paragraphe 4, a solid wood beech frame and no sag springs ensure that the Roche Bobois sofa will live a long life, which is a good thing: you’ll get to enjoy the furniture as you move around in the world, driven by that bloody wanderlust. Paragraphe 4 already looks like it’s traveled the globe. The sofa’s cushions are the equivalent of passport stamps—witness a little piece of east and west in their organic branches and tribal medallions.

The Sofa with a Story: Paragraphe 4 by Roche Bobois
The Sofa with a Story: Paragraphe 4 by Roche Bobois

Paragraphe 4 looks like it’s already lived in, as if it’s already been passed from one household to another (only pleasant households—those that smell like honey and vetiver). Place it on a clean cement floor or against a bank of windows overlooking the cityscape. Clean, crisp, modern living rooms and spare loft bedrooms will enjoy the unexpected exoticism of Paragraphe 4.

Posted February 4, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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