Salt & Pepper by Tobias Grau

Salt & Pepper by Tobias Grau

Salt & Pepper is a smart idea and a great design. Tobias Grau translated traditional black and white spice shakers into 21st-century candles.

Portable, light, and shaped in the “archetypal conical form,” Salt & Pepper gives off a perfect little warm glow that is equally at home in residential and contract venues.

The cableless design means that the iconic form of Salt & Pepper can really be relished. In white or black, the little lamp offers from 10-100 hours of battery life. Additionally, the lamp’s head is touch-sensitive, making dimming adjustments easy.

From a desk surface to a bedside table, Salt & Pepper adds a dash of flavor to any space.

For more information, visit Tobias Grau.

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