Verb Active Media Table by Steelcase

Verb Active Media Table by Steelcase


worked with the engineering school at Texas A&M University to find a solution to a common education dilemma-how to integrate technology in an active learning environment. The result is the Verb Active Media Table.


Equipped with a 32-inch monitor on an automatic lift, Verb Active Media Table makes it easy for instructors to provide multimedia instruction in a way that's visible for all students. This seemingly simple idea is actually quite revolutionary, as it takes the focus off the front of the classroom and puts it on the students themselves, making them active participants in their own learning.


The Verb Active Media Table includes a pendant to raise and lower the monitor, an integrated wire management system, and an analog whiteboard with its own storage compartment. This complements the electronic monitor and lets students and teachers alike demonstrate concepts at student desks-an addition that may prove particularly useful in design and architecture classrooms.


The Verb Active Media Table will be available in 2017. Register to find out more or visit

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