Tinge by Mo Man Tai

Tinge by Mo Man Tai

Before becoming a designer, Ulrike Jurklies, owner and lead designer of Dutch label Mo Man Tai, was a carpenter, so it should come as no surprise that she tapped into her carpentry roots to create Tinge, a series of see-through plastic side tables.


For Tinge, Jurklies was inspired by the leftover plastic materials generated when a color process machine receives a new color of dye. Rather than discard this unused material, she came up with an innovative and sustainable way to use it when designing a range of transparent furniture.


Much like an oversized puzzle, each table comes as a series of slotted pieces that can be installed together without the need for tools or additional hardware. Currently the transparent pieces are available in lavender and white, but Jurklies anticipates adding additional colors in the future.


For more information visit www.MonMaiTai.nl.

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