Porro’s Materic Table Gets a New Look for 2020

Porro’s Materic Table Gets a New Look for 2020

Porro's Materic Table is a thing of beauty. It’s also, in the words of its creator, a “religious model of conviviality.”

Porro's Materic Table

The above is attributed to Piero Lissoni, Materic designer and Porro Art Director, who explains the genesis of Materic as a discussion around the idea of a table with no “head.”

Porro's Materic Table detail 1

Thus, Materic’s exquisite circularity is an egalitarian gesture designed to make sitting/dining less hierarchical and more relaxed.

Porro's Materic Table Detail 2 top view

Lissoni also added the inset rotating tray—a lovely mechanism that highlights the table’s craftsmanship while enhancing its functionality.

Porro's Materic Table with red chairs in spacious room

Materic’s 2020 incarnation features an inspired inversion: black ash becomes the surface while polished metal is now the base. The original table is available as well. See Porro for more information. And go to Designer Pages Media for more circular tables.

Posted September 25, 2020 by Joseph Starr

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