Machi II Lounge Collection by Eko

Machi II Lounge Collection by Eko

For the Machi II Lounge collection by Eko, designers John Stafford and Chris Carter ensured that each piece was properly proportioned to provide the utmost comfort for users. To do so, they utilized Eko’s unique cushion design, which employs both coils and modern engineering to create the perfect balance of weight distribution.

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Using these materials also makes the finished product more sustainably sourced, since it leaves petroleum-based foam out of the equation. The steel springs are made using 100-percent recycled material.


Designed intentionally for the healthcare industry, the Machi II Lounge collection features a tailored design that includes a choice between brushed aluminum or wood legs. The collection is also available in a variety of fabrics, including different colors and patterns. Thanks to its sturdy wood frame and double-stitched fabric, each piece is built to last.


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