SitOnIt Seating’s Mika Multi-Purpose Chair

SitOnIt Seating’s Mika Multi-Purpose Chair

By ITO Design for SitOnIt Seating, Mika is a stackable wunderkind of a multi-purpose chair.

Mika Multi-Purpose chair in gray and white several chairs around conference table

It’s flexible to the nth degree, which is layman’s translation for 15 degrees of rear seat flex—pretty much unheard of in a single-piece shell-style stackable chair.

Mika Multi-Purpose Chair rear detail gray

The flex makes Mika especially resilient and adaptable: the sculpted shell provides a natural cradle for the spine, while the rearward lean helps users find their unique targeted comfort level.

Mika Multi-Purpose chair several chairs with 2/3 upholstery in cafe

And Mika looks good while doing its multi-purpose duty. SitOnIt offers the chair in three neutral shell colors or a 2/3 upholstered version that’s available in more than 15,000 textiles.

Mika Multi-Purpose Chair detail of orange upholsery

Options include wire rod, 4-leg, or a 30-inch bar stool. The wire rod model stacks up to 30 chairs.

Mika Multi-Purpose chair two chairs in white with orange upholstery

Find out more at SitOnIt Seating.

Posted June 11, 2021 by Joseph Starr

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