NeoCon 2017: Cubii

NeoCon 2017: Cubii

Invented by three University of Chicago graduates who kept reading research about the benefits of moderate exercise, Cubii is the world's first smart under-desk elliptical machine.


Certified under the Mayo Clinic's NEAT Program, Cubii allows workers to be more active while at work. Besides being compact, Cubii adjusts for users of all fitness levels, with eight resistance levels. Cubii is smart too-it connects to Cubii and Fitbit apps.


Obviously a great product for work spaces, Cubii is also a perfect fit for healthcare facilities. Doctors, nurses, and everyone else who's deskbound can benefit from peddling their feet.


It's also a great tool for patients recovering from upper-body injuries. Anyone with limited or no movement in the arms can still reap the benefits of exercise. The standard model Cubii comes in Chrome or Noir (which has red accents).

You can try it out at NeoCon (7-4140A) or go to for more information.

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