NeoCon 2017: Gerflor’s Originals

NeoCon 2017: Gerflor’s Originals

Parlaying their flagship products Mipolam (1937) and Taraflex (1947) into industry-defining norms, Gerflor USA has earned the moniker, "original resilient flooring manufacturer."


The company is celebrating their 80-some years of success at NeoCon this year. While these products have evolved over the years to stay in step with technology and materials development, the "Originals" still represent the front line of durable, hygienic flooring for public use.


Mipolam is resilient sheet flooring with a durable, no-wax finish. ISO certified to inhibit the spread of bacteria up to 99%, it provides a smart, functional surface for various healthcare and education applications.


Taraflex remains among the toughest sports flooring in the industry. Available in wood and color designs, Taraflex is resistant to the multiple assaults and injuries incumbent upon auditoriums and gymnasiums, including repeated pounding of feet and heavy, rolling furniture.


Taraflex products also feature Protecsol floor treatment, providing the ideal friction co-efficient for sliding-thus preventing skin burns and allowing for easy maintenance.


Gerflor will be celebrating the 70th and 80th anniversaries of Mipolam and Taraflex this year at NeoCon. Feel free to visit them on site. And for further information on the mulitple uses of these timeless materials, see Gerflor.

Posted May 31, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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