LEDpod by Klik USA

LEDpod by Klik USA


by Klik USA integrates into existing handrails to provide symmetrically or asymmetrically distributed light-without disturbing glare.


Available as units that fit into cylindrical or square tubing, LEDpod can be used anywhere, although they work especially well in handrails.


Instead of relying on bollards, which can emit glaring light, LEDpod snaps into handrails to provide light that's easy on the eyes.


This feature is vital in certain projects, such as the Hilton Marco Island Resort and Spa. Harsh lighting can misdirect just hatched sea turtles inland instead of out to sea. To protect wildlife, Hilton installed amber LEDpods in their outdoor walkways, which proved gentle enough to avoid confusing sea turtles-and effective enough to help people get around the resort safely.

For more information on LEDpods, visit www.klikusa.com.

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