Poggenpohl’s Corporate Kitchen

Poggenpohl’s Corporate Kitchen

Cooking By The Book is a Tribeca-based demonstration kitchen and culinary hotbed specializing in corporate team-building events-"educating, challenging and rewarding clients through hands-on cooking programs guided by chefs."


Founder Suzen O'Rourke and luxury kitchen manufacturer Poggenpohl recently partnered up to remodel the facility.


Featuring Poggenpohl's Laminate Teak Lava Cabinetry and Caesarstone Surfaces, the revamped Cooking By The Book is beautiful and durable-an idealized fusion of form and function.


In addition to optimizing workflow, the new space is modern and minimalist, yet preserves all the tools of the trade.


Flush-closing doors maintain a streamlined look and make cleaning less difficult. Hidden storage heightens the aesthetic while enhancing functionality.


For further information about the revamped Cooking By The Book, see Poggenpohl.

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