Poggenpohl and Porsche’s P’7340 Put German Kitchens on the Map

For a long time and for good reason, modern kitchens have been associated with Italy. The ancient city of Rome in particular has inspired perfectly sleek cabinetry and low-profile appliances. But the Germans have Poggenpohl. And Poggenpohl has Porsche Design. The P’7340 kitchen revels in the rectangle: “As a formal translation of a functional principle, it de­-fines a frame within which the kitchen can be designed without constraints.”

P’7340. Manufactured by Poggenpohl in collaboration with Porsche.

The clever use of frames gives P’7340 an added benefit—cabinets can be arranged in any design, anywhere within the frame. The wall-mounted aluminum frames create squares within squares—the compartmentalized spaces “emphasize the linearity of the architecture.” When illuminated, the modules frame the contents dramatically while also calling attention to themselves. The focus on the grid is everywhere in Poggenpohl’s Porsche P’7340 kitchen, including the cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures. Units lack handles in order to not interrupt the rectangle. Poggenpohl explains, “Handleless fronts emphasize the uncompromising aesthetics of furniture.” Instead, a light press causes the doors to open “almost by themselves.” Poggenpohl appliances also eschew handles, offering touch controls for the sake of simplicity. Their appliances are also innovative: they offer an oven with an integrated microwave, a steam oven, and a fully automatic coffee machine. Even their sink is unique with a straining system made of grooves. The cabinets themselves pay attention to detail. With pull-outs of varying sizes, swing-up flaps, and drawer inserts, P’7340 values organization in the kitchen.



Besides the geometric focus on the rectangle, this Poggenpohl design uses a stellar combination of high-quality materials. Metallics, anodised coatings, and back-lacquering intensify the brilliance of the surface colors. Satinized or polished glass fronts shine in Deep Black, Pure White, Olive Green, Frozen Green, and Platin Beige. Combined with wooden accents in Driftwood or Dark Oak brushed veneers, the glass fronts appear to glitter like jewels. Splashes of aluminum heighten the gleaming effect. Quartz-based material or glass worktops finish off the P’7340 kitchen with polish.

The association with Porsche Design is understandable, given that both Poggenpohl and Porsche products are “Fundamental, not decorative. Engineered, not simply designed.” The P’7340 kitchen affirms what Porsche accentuates: “The timeless aesthetic. The classic modernism. The essence without compromise.” Poggenpohl offers the simple lines of excellent kitchen design—from an unexpected country. Italy, take note.

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