Pallas Textiles Introduces Its Ineffable Collection

Pallas Textiles Introduces Its Ineffable Collection

For Ineffable, its newest collection, the designers at Pallas Textiles looked to contemporary artworks for inspiration. The result is a collection of patterned textiles that use different geographical elements to elicit a sensory response.

Pallas Textile_Taboo 1_Ineffable

Ineffable comes in four different patterns–Taboo, Awe, Perception, and Phenomena–each of which is available in a multitude of vibrant colors. The patterns also give each textile a sense of texture and combine neutral palettes with splashes of unexpected color.

Pallas Textiles_Awe 3_Ineffable

To ensure longevity of its products, Pallas Textiles has ensured that each textile is stain repellent and/or contains a high-performance finish such as Greenshield, making the collection appropriate for contract buyers working on highly trafficked interiors at medical facilities, schools, and offices.

Pallas Textiles_Phenomena 3_Ineffable

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