New High-Performance Fabrics by Designtex

New High-Performance Fabrics by Designtex

Does anyone remember the Seinfeld episode where George Costanza dates a girl with an irresistible velvet sofa? Velvet is soft and oh-so-pleasing to the touch, but it’s not a forgiving fabric. Until now. Glamp by Designtex is an indoor-outdoor velvet in seven high-performing colors.

Glamp fabric

Great for residential and commercial venues, Glamp combines the supple feel of velvet with the heartiness of a contract fabric. Like glamping, it’s the perfect combination of comfort and beauty.

Glamp fabric in neutrals

Jewel-toned colors like Daisy, Brick, and Shore add some drama to any space. Classic neutrals include Linen, Deck, Courtyard, and Cobblestone.

lounge chair upholstered in Piezo fabric by Designtex

Piezo is another hardworking and luxurious new release. Designtex describes it as “an exuberant mashup of old and new.” A digitally printed velvet jacquard, Piezo plays with color and texture.

Piezo fabric

The London colorway is a lovely neutral reminiscent of fog. Cannes adds touches of crimson. Madrid incorporates a dark orange that recalls barrel-tiled roofs. Florence is all about touches of teal.

linear bench upholstered in Mackintosh

Designed to repel water, Mackintosh has a fitting name. Especially suited for panel upholstery, Mackintosh is a rich worsted fabric that adds dimension.

Mackintosh fabrics

Mackintosh comes in 23 two-tone and heathered colors. The fabric also boasts many certifications, such as no antimicrobials, no flame retardants, and no PFAs.

For more hard-working fabrics in fabulous colors and patterns, see their line of fabrics developed with West Elm and a group of spring textiles with inviting blooms.

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