Oodle by Smith System

Oodle by Smith System

Designed by Charlie Patterson and Joe Ricchio for Smith System, Oodle is a stool for flexible seating. Outfit a classroom with oodles of Oodle, and you get bold color and fun form.


Oodle is based on a simple cylinder, but its features are cleverly conceived. The stool is stackable, roomy, light, and colorful. Units fit on top of one another, so students are "not stuck with one height or one color."


Oodle is also movement optional. A smart base is flat on one side and curved on the other. All it takes is a small rotation to lock the base in place and provide students with stability or rocking motion-great for kids who can't sit still.


A 17-inch seating surface accommodates kids large and small, so everyone can enjoy an Oodle. This is a graphic, geometric stool that optimizes space and facilitates collaboration.


For more information, visit www.smithsystem.com.

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