Let’s Eat: Intellect Wave Café Stool by KI

Back when I was in college, I had the unfortunate luck of attending a university whose cafeteria featured upholstered chairs. After years of dining co-eds, the fabric was so stained that I habitually put down the college newspaper to sit on. It’s no accident that the comfortable café stool with clean styling by contract furniture company KI is named the Intellect Wave—after all, it was a smart move to create the seating with a poly shell.

Intellect Wave Café Stool. Manufactured by KI.

Café Stool is Engineered to Withstand Students of All Ages

Intellect Wave Café Stool. Manufactured by KI.

Thanks to its material, the Intellect Wave Café Stool is easy to clean and durable—KI’s 15-year warranty attests to that fact. The one-piece molded seat also offers “a fresh, modern look”—everything about Intellect Wave is clean. But it doesn’t end there. The café stool also provides ergonomic comfort: a wider back gives lots of support, passive flexing offers easy movement, and a waterfall seat front lets your knees rest easy. For maneuverability, the Intellect Wave Café Stool is stackable and equipped with an integral handle.

Intellect Wave Café Stool. Manufactured by KI.

With more than 20 poly shell colors and more than 30 frame colors, the Intellect Wave Café Stool will work in any environment. Cool colors like Splash, Grape, and Nordic will create a calming effect in the cafeteria. Warm colors like Sunburst, Tangelo, and Cayenne will stimulate the student appetite. KI recently introduced more colors to the Intellect Wave line-up—Grass Green, for example, which is a far cry from the hunter greens typically found in educational furniture. If there had been Intellect Wave Café Stools back in my college days, I could have eaten in peace.

About the Manufacturer: KI produces innovative furniture and movable wall systems for education, healthcare, government, and corporate markets. Headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, KI also has subsidiaries around the world, including KI UK Ltd., KI East Asia Sdn., and KI Canada. KI “offers far more than furniture,” because they study their core markets and tailor their products to their specific needs. Innovative, fun, and environmentally friendly designs for education lounge areas and residence halls include Sela, available in a wide range of unexpected colors.

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