Kudu’s Safari Braai is a Revolution in Outdoor Cooking

Kudu’s Safari Braai is a Revolution in Outdoor Cooking

Get grilling with the Safari Braai outdoor, open-fire cooking system from Kudu. For that matter, get boiling, braising, searing, saut©ing, frying, smoking, and steaming: "No other product allows you to steam oysters while slow-cooking a Boston Butt, or grill blackened grouper while frying shrimp!"


How does a simple portable grill accomplish all of the above? By incorporating an elevated grate system that enables easy attachment and pinpoint height adjustment of all manner of cooking accessories.


With the Safari Braai, cooking surfaces may be raised or lowered (and swiveled laterally off the heat) to achieve the desired cooking temperature. This versatility creates an intuitive cooking environment that takes the guesswork out of grilling.


Kudu's circular fire pit accommodates both wood and charcoal fires. The unit is portable as well-easy to store and easy to pack up and transport.

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For great grilling ideas and additional information, visit Kudu.

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