Glass Droplet Series by Studio Kalff

Glass Droplet Series by Studio Kalff

Enchanting and eclectic, the Glass Droplet series of chandeliers maps out new aesthetic terrain.

Glass Droplet series three pendants green, pink, amber, blue

Designed in the Netherlands with 100% locally sourced material, these luminous lights offer both levity and luxury. Nor does it hurt that all materials are post-consumer vintage glassware.

Glass Droplet series blues and greens

Scrutiny reveals several styles and shapes: an acorn, a filamentous tube, a pear-shaped globe that perhaps was once a perfume bottle.

Glass Droplet series pink, violet, amber

The concept lends itself to creative incarnations in these custom lamps—a pastiche of form and color, “handmade and unique, composed of individually selected elements.”

Glass Droplet series transparent

Each item in the Glass Droplet series is a unique creation, having in common only their beauty and 35-40 cm length.

Glass Droplet series pink, violet, blue, green

Find out more at Studio Kalff.

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