Mooning over Zaneen’s New Outdoor Light

Mooning over Zaneen’s New Outdoor Light

Zaneen's aptly named Moon LED fixture is a beautiful and versatile ringlet of outdoor light.


Just like its lunar namesake, Moon emits a liminal nimbus of light-illuminating the environs in a soft and subtle glow.


But don't be deceived by the gentle nature of the light. Moon is ultra durable: made of corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, it features an outer layer of iridite. An epoxy powder base coating and polyester paint completes this triumvirate of resistance to the elements.


And Moon is seamless and smooth-its minimalist aesthetic achieved by hiding fasteners and covering its fixing plate. The power supply, too, is cleverly integrated into the fixture.


Lastly, Moon is watertight-just one of the many aspects linking this innovative lightpiece to the celestial body above.


For further information about Moon, see Zaneen.

Posted February 9, 2017 by Joseph Starr

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