Humanscale’s QuickStand: A Sit-Stand Revolution

Humanscale’s QuickStand: A Sit-Stand Revolution

Named Best-Designed Product of the Decade by Interior Design Magazine, Humanscale's QuickStand is a height-adjustable work desk accessory that is more functional and more intuitive than other sit-stand options.


QuickStand’s superiority is, in part, owed to its portability–QuickStand is not a desk, but rather a docking station for computer monitors and keyboards.


QuickStand simply clamps onto any desk, changing a fixed-height work surface into an active sit-stand station. When users wish to change from a seated to a standing position, they simply rise and gently elevate both keyboard and monitor to the desired height. QuickStand’s innovative counter-balance mechanism facilitates this “weightless” adjustment, providing stability at any working height.


By now, everyone is familiar with the health impacts of excessive sitting. By encouraging frequent transitions between sitting and standing, QuickStand helps combat this unfortunate trend. Multiple users have opined on the many ways QuickStand has improved their working life-citing everything from ease of assembly to functionality to portability and aesthetic appeal.


Designer Pages Co-Founder and CEO Jacob Slevin is among the above: “I’ve been a major fan of Humanscale for a number of years. During a bad bout of back pain some time ago, I reached out to my friends at Humanscale. They pointed the way to Ergonogmic and healthful products like The Float Desk, The Freedom Task Chair, and The FM Series Foot Rests, all of which went a long way toward resolving my back issues. A few years later, we moved to a new office space that didn’t accommodate my Float. I struggled for a bit before I re-connected with Humanscale, and they promptly set me up with a QuickStand. The system is highly configurable; it was easy to retrofit QuickStand into my existing workstation. Now, my back pain is resolved, and I’m back in business–feeling more comfortable and healthier than ever before.”



Additional perks offered by QuickStand including a smart cable management system, making the transition from one desk to another even easier. And, like all Humanscale products, QuickStand looks good; its streamlined design complements any modern workplace d©cor.


Humanscale constantly updates and improves its ergonomic sit-stand product line. Recent additions include 2016 reddot Award Winner QuickStand Lite and the eFloat Sit-Stand Desk.



For more information about Humanscale’s variety of workplace solutions, see Humanscale. And for a better picture of QuickStand’s slick, seamless functionality, check out this video of QuickStand in action. Lastly, Humanscale is so confident that you’ll love QuickStand, they’re offering a 30-day risk-free guarantee.

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