Ballo by Humanscale

Ballo by Humanscale

Designed by Don Chadwick for Humanscale, Ballo is a multipurpose stool for active seating. And while Humanscale touts Ballo's benefits for home and office, the stool has a natural application in education settings.


Since we enrolled our daughter in school last year, my husband and I have been concerned about her ability to move. Despite having a teacher who understands the benefits of movement, the classroom furniture, which has not changed in decades, does not encourage active sitting.


What schools need is to invest in furniture that supports "flexibility and freedom of movement." Ballo accomplishes exactly that-and it does so in a fun design that appeals to students. Meaning "to dance" in Italian, Ballo has a kinetic quality. The stool looks ready to bobble at any moment.


But Ballo will definitely not fall over, thanks to its counterweighted base. And the whimsical stool weighs only 13.5 pounds, so it can be moved and stored easily. It is the apple core shape and bright colors, however, that make Ballo irresistible.


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