reSAWN’s Charred Collection

reSAWN’s Charred Collection

"Shou Sugi Ban" or "charring" is an ancient Japanese technique to beautify and preserve wood for exterior and interior cladding, ceiling, and flooring applications.


The wood is painstakingly and carefully burned, misted to cool, brushed to remove dust and debris, and then stained/sealed.


reSAWN's Charred Collection-Special Mention winner in the Architizer A+ Award for Building Products-has revived and invigorated the practice.



The breath-taking results of reSAWN's work are on display in commercial, retail, and residential products from New York to Seattle.


Architecture and boutique design firms apprehend the appeal of displaying charred wood features on building facades as well as interiors.


reSAWN utilizes American-sourced wood whenever possible. The Charred collection includes many varieties and many tones: from Southern Cypress to Black Walnut, Red Oak, and Ash--each possesses a vibrant character and distinctive look.



reSAWN utilizes modern no- and low-VOC finishes on reclaimed woods. Solid woods and engineered products are available, in addition to wide-plank flooring and FSC woods.


See reSAWN for further information.

Posted December 7, 2016 by Joseph Starr

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