Ove Collection By WETSTYLE

Ove Collection By WETSTYLE

There is no doubt that everyone loves the egg. The egg gave its name and shape to many iconic mid-century designs. In recent years as well we have seen a resurgence in egg design. Canadian bathroom company WETSTYLE offers its own tribute with the Ove Collection.


Sinks and soaking tubs in the Ove Collection honor the egg with their strict oval geometry. Perfectly shaped, pieces in the Ove Collection include vessel and undermount sinks and four bathtubs.


The vessel sinks show off the ovate form beautifully. As the sinks get larger, the oval gets more elongated, turning the shape from an almost-circle to a slender ellipse. The double sink looks as if two full moons merged.


It is the bathtubs in the Ove Collection, however, that command attention. The large handcrafted tubs, made of WETMAR BiOâ„¢ (an eco-friendly natural stone composite), celebrate the egg shape through their smooth texture and grand scale.


Of the Ove bathtubs, the new BOV 03 is perhaps the most impressive. With its four-inch deck on all sides, BOV 03 provides room to mount faucets, as well as a sleek surface that "frames" the freestanding bathtub. It is the perfect piece to represent the ovaloid design imperative.


See the entire collection at www.wetsyle.ca.

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