Bohemian Bathtub By Simas Takes you Places

Bathtubs are getting more and more extravagant—and why not? People everywhere are discovering the pleasures of bathing. Showers too are getting fancier and fancier—and they serve a purpose surely, since they are faster, more in line with everyday time. But bathtubs are in a separate realm—the realm of Sundays and retirement and days off from work. To bathe implies a luxury of body and soul, a luxury that must be enjoyed slowly. When you’re looking for a tub that can accommodate long hours of relaxation spent immersed in water, you should consider the oval wonder Bohemian, a tub from the Design Collection by Simas.

Bohemian Bathtub. Designed by Simas.

Simas knows their water. Their tagline says it all: Aqua Space. Yes, Simas aims to please by giving you “a space to inhabit, as transparent and fluid as water itself.” It’s like a fourth dimension, where you can linger and lounge with nothing to disturb you—a place where devices of all sorts cease to ring, ding, or rattle. This is a location in timeless extravagance, a location made real by the existence of Bohemian. A bathtub that fits your body, cradles your bones, swathes your extremities—dips you in soothing, magical waters that invigorate your physical and psychic self.



The Bohemian bathtub is made of patented Crystaltech, a mysterious material procured by Simas from technologically-savvy water sprites living in enchanted Italian canals. A lovely shape with a simple edge that’s slightly larger on one side, Bohemian uses smooth, simple lines with just a touch of ornamentation in that imbalanced arc (an indication of the body’s intended direction within the bathtub). Let Bohemian transport you to exotic places (even if it’s only in your imagination while you bathe on a Tuesday afternoon after having called in sick to work)!

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